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This blog series will feature articles reflecting on specific physical sites (“My corner”) as well as entries on specific themes: queer meanings of “home”, dwelling in contemporary literature, intercultural perspectives, and many more. In addition to the blog, the lecture series “Making a Home”, three “CineScience” events, seminars for students and other formats will focus on a variety of topics ranging from “Architecture and/as Hospitality” to Brutalism and the “Invention of the housewife”. A cultural studies perspective will underly all these events, which will take place in German or English. We welcome any contributions, comments, or suggestions.

Lara PelsLarissa GeppertMerle MühlbergWohnen |…

Konsum oder Verzicht?

Über den Trend des Minimalismus

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Michel de WallWohnen |…

Immer Gastgeber sein?

Leben in einer Studentenverbindung zwischen Individuum und Gruppe

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Amina ElHalawaniWohnen |…

Thinking Home

Preliminary Reflections

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Danilo ScholzWohnen |…

Wider die Unbehaustheit der Philosophie

Emanuele Coccias Überlegungen zum Dach über dem Kopf

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Randi BeardsleeMeine Ecke…Wohnen |…

Sehnsucht in Pacific North-Rhine Westphalia

How to Cross an Ocean in an Office

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Julika GriemWohnen |…

Schiefer wohnen

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Gregory Jones-KatzWohnen |…

Harbors of Resonance

The Peripatetic Scholar At-Home

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Dezso MateWohnen |…

Roma Access to Adequate Housing

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Jürgen FocksSabine BehrenbeckWohnen |…

Genossenschaftliches Wohnen

Die moderne Allmende

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Nisha KommattamWohnen |…

Architecture, Art, Shelter

The Art of Zenovia Toloudi

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