Niklas BarthMehr oder…

Mehr Vulgarität?

Gesetz der steigenden Negationsrate

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Ricarda MennMehr oder…

Serial Life Narratives

More of the Same?

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Tim Altenhof

Towards Intelligent Repair

Observations on AI and Architecture

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Jan Wilm

I Want to be on the Side of the Messy Orange

Interview with Tom McCarthy

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Laura M. ReilingMehr oder…

A Critical Splash

Pools als Topographien des Mehr oder Weniger (Lüscher, Richter, Josten)

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Tim SchanetzkyMehr oder…


Die Inflation der Inflationsbücher

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Marissa Petrou

Colonial entanglements

Benin’s cultural heritage and the Dresden royal collections

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Alexandra Irimia

Running on Empty

Blanks and Voids in Academic Publishing

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Regina KarlVisual Literacy


On the Longevity of Pandemic Images

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Tanja KappVisual Literacy

Drawing (from) Life

Reading Autobiographical Comics as a Form of Visual-Verbal Literacy

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